Halo Infinite Multiplayer
Image: Xbox

Halo Infinite multiplayer got off to a strong start but has also come under fire from some members of the Halo community for providing enough content. Earlier this month, developer 343 Industries shared an update - explaining how more was on the way in season 2, arriving this May.

There are expected to be new modes, maps and narrative content. If that wasn't already reassuring enough, in the same lengthy feature by The Washington Post, multiplayer lead Tom French has provided another update - noting how there will be all sorts of new content, and the team is excited to see what players think:

“There will be new maps, there’ll be new modes, there’ll be new experiences, there’ll be new features. I’m very excited to actually see what the players think when we actually get to unleash it on them.”

In the same article, French spoke about how the team has a great multiplayer platform to build on in Infinite and admitted how there were still some issues that needed to be addressed:

“It’s improving our platform, building, strengthening the foundation, and that includes things like ranked [mode]...We know we can make it better. We wanted to make it better. We dreamed of it being better. Let’s push it in that direction. And, you know, with PC being a new thing for us, there’s issues we need to address there."

As already noted, Halo Infinite's next major content update is in the form of the Season 2 update. It's due out this May and is officially titled and themed "Lone Wolves".

It will add the new game modes "Last Spartan Standing", free-for-all elimination, "Land Grab" and the return of "King of the Hill". As for new maps, there'll be a new Arena map called "Catalyst" and a new BTB map known as "Breaker".

You can learn more in our previous Season 2 post:

The same Halo Infinite update earlier this month also referenced co-op, Forge and Season 3. Co-op is expected to ship sometime during Season 2 and Forge is targeting a release alongside Season 3 - with more details about this season to be shared in the future.

How have you found Halo's content updates so far? Looking forward to the next season? Comment below.

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