Halo Infinite Sounds Like It's Getting A Massive Battle Royale Mode

Update: New leaks have shared more details on this rumoured mode, which we've covered elsewhere on Pure Xbox.

Original story: There have been rumours floating around for a while that Halo Infinite might be getting a battle royale mode, and now we've got our most concrete information yet, courtesy of Windows Central's Jez Corden on The Xbox Two podcast.

Corden says he's received information that it's "some form of battle royale" being developed by Certain Affinity, and it could be a seriously huge mode, describing it as "a big Call of Duty: Warzone scale undertaking."

"I have information that suggests it's a battle royale. That it's some form of battle royale. I don't know if it's going to be specifically a clone of PUBG and stuff like that..."

This is a huge mode, this mode has been developed for over two years with Certain Affinity, and it's a big deal. It's a huge investment, and they've been working on it for a really long time. This isn't like a few game modes here and there, this is a big Call of Duty: Warzone scale undertaking. It's basically like a separate game."

Halo support studio Certain Affinity took to Twitter recently to announce it was "deepening" its relationship with Halo's 343 Industries and "evolving Halo Infinite in some new and exciting ways," and this is seemingly what it was referring to.

Corden says that the BR mode will potentially arrive in Halo Infinite Season 3 (later this year) and has unknown ties to the yet-to-be-released Forge mode in Halo Infinite. It sounds huge, and we're intrigued to see how it turns out!

Liking the sound of this, or do you have no interest in a Halo Infinite battle royale? Let us know below.

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