Halo Infinite CA

There have been quite a few rumours and reports on developer Certain Affinity as of late. Discussion around a potential 'Monster Hunter-style' game from CA continues, and we've also heard rumours of the team working on a Halo Infinite battle royale. Well, we now know for sure they're working on something Halo-related.

The developer has taken to Twitter to, basically, advertise job vacancies. However, they've also hinted at what potential employees would work on. The team is "deepening our relationship with 343" and "further evolving Halo Infinite". Could CA be making that elusive Halo Infinite battle royale mode?

Well, we can't be so sure of that. Look, we know the team is working on Infinite in some capacity, and 'evolving' the game sure sounds like it'd bring some big additions. Will that be a BR mode? We'll just have to wait and see.

Remember, Certain Affinity could also be working on campaign content. While 343 delivered Halo Infinite's main campaign, this is planned to be an evolving, live service game, and more single player content is expected. Campaign co-op is in the works at 343, but beyond that, we don't really know of future campaign plans.

As it turns out, there a lot of job vacancies laid out in the post, so who knows when we'll see the fruits of Certain Affinity's Halo labour.

Are you looking forward to what's cooking for Halo Infinite? Let us know below.