Dead Island 2 Reveal

Ah, remember Dead Island 2? Way before the original Dead Island developer launched Dying Light, Dead Island 2 was revealed, back in 2014. We've seen barely anything on the game since, and it's changed hands a few times in the past few years.

Those changing hands finally stopped with Dambuster Studios, the team currently working on Dead Island 2. And apparently, they're about ready to show it off for the first time since taking over the project.

Sacred Symbols podcast host, Colin Moriarty, discussed the game on a recent episode of the show. Moriarty said that he's heard from a source he "trusts" that the game may be fully re-revealed sometime this summer. About time!

I have heard from a source that I trust, that the game may be fully re-revealed sometime this summer, and be released maybe shortly after that.

The host then went on to say that the game could be released as early as September or October 2022.

Back in February, we heard similar reports from Industry Insider Tom Henderson. Henderson reported that a late 2022 release was a real possibility for Dead Island 2, as long as the game didn't suffer anymore development setbacks.

Do you think we'll finally see Dead Island 2 this year? Let us know your thoughts down below.

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