Dead Island 2 Gamescom

Is it finally time for Dead Island 2 to re-surface? The long awaited sequel to Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide has been in development for ages, at a number of different studios. However, we may be very close to seeing it again, for the first time since 2014.

That's according to prominent leaker Tom Henderson, who says he's been in contact with developers at Dambuster Studios. Dambuster only took over development in 2019, but apparently, the game is in a "decent state" and could be shown off very soon.

Furthermore, its projected launch window isn't far off either. Henderson says that Q4 2022 is a possibility, given there aren't any more development issues. Of course, a delay into 2023 is also possible.

This relatively short development cycle for Dambuster could mean that a fair chunk of what was already made by prior developers carries over, but who knows. This is what the game looked like when we last saw it in an official capacity, at Gamescom 2014.

More Dead Island 2 leaks surfaced in 2020, showing gameplay that was said to be from a 2015 build of the game. That footage has since been taken down by publisher Deep Silver.

Are you still excited for Dead Island 2? Or has Dying Light now stolen its thunder? Let us know your thoughts.

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