Xbox Elite Controller Series 2

Could this be the next official Xbox accessory to be announced? A white version of the Series 2 Elite controller has been spotted in a store cabinet, hinting at its imminent release.

This is the first we've heard of such a device, with no official wording from Microsoft thus far. The image looks pretty legit though, and we did get a white version of the original elite controller, some three years after the standard edition.

If this arrives soon, it'll be just over two years since the standard Elite 2 controller launched. Of course, the gorgeous Halo Edition released last November, although it was a limited edition and is now broadly sold out.

What we'd like to see from an Elite Series 2 revision is a more reliable pad overall, although that seems unlikely here. This looks exactly the same as the standard Elite Series 2, as was the original white elite compared to its 2015 launch model.

Would you be tempted by a white elite series 2 controller? Or do more changes need to be made to convince you? Let us know below.