Chorus Ray Tracing

When space-combat shooter Chorus was first announced — before the new consoles launched — the team said it was "pushing it to the limit on Xbox Series X." While the game did look pretty impressive at launch, it seems the team wasn't quite finished.

In the few months since release, developer Deep Silver Fishlabs has been working to bring ray tracing to Chorus and well, that update is now here!

A new ray tracing mode — which is only available on Xbox Series X, not S — adds ray traced reflections to the game. The team says that the mode makes "environment, NPC and ship surfaces reflect light in a more natural and realistic way." The update is already live on Xbox Series X, and here's a brief look at the mode in action:

If the addition of ray tracing alone ain't opening your wallet, which is understandable, then a free demo is available for Chorus on Xbox platforms. If this one looks like your sorta game, a try of the demo should be a good shout!

Will you be speeding back into the world of Chorus now it supports ray tracing? Let us know in the comments.