Sci-fi adventure Chorus launched on Xbox One, Series X and Series S this past December, and if you've been holding off and wondering whether to pick it up, we've got good news — there's now a free demo so you can try before you buy.

If the name rings a bell but you can't understand why, it might be because Chorus was one of the very first games announced for Xbox Series X all the way back in May of 2020, and although it took another year and a half before it finally got a release, the game ended up getting some good reviews, finishing up with a 78 rating on Metacritic.

The demo is now available on the Xbox Store, and you'll find more information about the game below.

Enter a dark new universe, teeming with mystery and rife with conflict. Explore epic locations such as sprawling space stations and strange planes of existence. Engage in exhilarating zero-g dogfights from epic cosmic vistas to tight crystalline corridors. Chorus balances the scale and spectacle of space exploration with frenetic, fast-paced action.

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