Gtav Next Gen

It's been almost 10 years since Grand Theft Auto V launched on Xbox 360, and yep, it's almost here once again. The Xbox Series X|S versions of GTAV have finally been properly revealed by Rockstar, and we're being treated to three graphics modes.

So, Fidelity Mode brings all the graphical bells and whistles — including ray tracing — at 4k, 30fps on Xbox Series X. Performance Mode mode ditches ray tracing, and opts for an upscaled 4k resolution on Xbox Series X, at 60fps. Finally, Performance RT Mode aims to balance these two modes, with ray tracing enabled at a higher frame rate, but a lower resolution.

Gtav Xbox Series X

For Series S users, things are a little different. Fidelity Mode will bring upscaled 4k to Xbox Series S, at 30fps. Performance Mode opts for 1080p, 60fps. However, ray tracing appears missing entirely, as there's no mention of it in Fidelity Mode, and Performance RT isn't available on Series S.

Across the board, all versions will feature increased increased population, traffic variety and vegetation density, while also delivering improved lighting quality across shadows, water reflections, and other elements. A bunch of other effects have also been updated from their last-gen counterparts.

Grand Theft Auto V launches, again, on March 15th for Xbox Series X|S.

Do these sound like worthy upgrades to you? Will you triple dip? Let us know below.