Phil Spencer Celebrates Eight Years As Head Of Xbox Today

It might not feel like it, but it's been a whole eight years since Phil Spencer first took the reigns as Head of Xbox back on March 31st, 2014, and he's been celebrating that anniversary today in a message to fans on Twitter.

In a reply to someone on the social media platform, Spencer stated that "it's been an amazing journey" so far for him, calling his time in the role "the most rewarding years of my career and really excited for what's ahead."

As you may well know, Spencer took over as Head of Xbox from Don Mattrick who left after the botched Xbox One launch in 2013, and since then Spencer has transformed the Xbox brand with innovations like backwards compatibility, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Cloud Gaming, the Xbox Series X and S, and much, much more.

We're all hoping Spencer sticks around in the role for a long time to come, although he did admit late last year that he has "more years behind me than ahead of me", and Microsoft has encouraged him to think about succession plans. He seems to be more than happy staying put for now though, so let's hope he's got plenty of years left yet.

Congratulations Phil on eight years as Head of Xbox! Leave your comments down below.