Microsoft Is Pushing Xbox's Phil Spencer To Think About His Successors

We've already highlighted Xbox boss Phil Spencer's comments about The Elder Scrolls 6 from a GQ interview which went live earlier today, and as part of that same discussion, Spencer talked a little bit about his potential successors.

According to Spencer, Microsoft is actually already pushing him to think about what the future of Xbox will look like after he leaves the brand and the company, and Spencer is in full agreement that this is a good thing to do:

“Clearly, as somebody who has been here for 33 years, I have more years behind me than ahead of me." But the longevity of this team, the sustainability of this team, there’s nothing that’s more important to me right now than that.”

“You should [think about succession] when you think about the long-term health of the team. To make sure the team is in a good place. That the culture of the company is in a good place. And that we’re making the right decisions on who to bet on. That has got to outlive me.”

Despite this, Spencer explained back in June (in an interview with IGN Unlocked) that he had no plans to retire anytime soon, stating "I definitely have a lot more to do here, and I have a job that I'm just incredibly inspired by every day."

It sounds like Microsoft and Spencer are simply trying to be proactive to ensure the future of Xbox is in good hands when he inevitably has to leave the post, but whoever steps into the role will undoubtedly have massive shoes to fill.

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