Phil Bday

Xbox is in fairly open conversation with its community, especially compared to the competition. Not only are core social media accounts like Xbox Game Pass often active and ready for a quick pun or two, a lot of the executive team at Xbox are very open and approachable online.

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer says the approach is part of the culture at Xbox, where much of the team are active Xbox users, and they themselves want things to change and improve. He says that the transparency Xbox has with its fans is key.

It's definitely part of our culture here. I think we have to balance it because so many of us are fans and active users of our own product and have our own point of view on what should get done or what our next feature should be or where we're missing things. It's important that it doesn't just become a product for us, that it's a product for the people who are actually our there buying the games, buying the platform, using the services.

For me I wouldn't have it any other way. I really enjoy, even on hard times, I really enjoy the kind of transparency we have with the community.

The comments come as part of a quick chat Phil had with the folks over at XboxEra, where the Xbox boss also talked about his most anticipated first party games, and what Xbox is striving to build in the years to come.

We also happen to really dig the way Xbox is open with its fans. As Phil says on the podcast, they don't always get things right, but the execs are often open to break down barriers and talk all things Xbox with fans.

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