Image: Xbox

There are a lot of talented developers working under the Xbox banner now, and according to Microsoft's gaming CEO, Phil Spencer, the aim for the tech giant from here on out is to provide an ongoing stream of "great" video game content.

Phil touched on this during the same Xbox Era podcast - noting how Microsoft hasn't quite reached that point yet, as there's no "big game" for this quarter. Here's exactly what he had to say:

"We do have a lot of great games in development...We want to get to this point where there's a steady flow of great games that are coming, that our customers can predict...we're going through right now, you know, [and] we don't have a big game this quarter - so Matt Booty and the teams, and the ZeniMax teams...want to get to that point where we really have a great on-ramp for our platform and games that people can get excited about on a regular basis."

Microsoft's Game Pass service for Xbox and PC is likely a key driving factor behind Xbox wanting to maintain a "steady flow of great games" in the future - with new games coming directly to this service on day one and encouraging players to stay subscribed as well as new sign-ups.

Xbox's acquisition of Bethesda's parent company (and Activision Blizzard in the near future) will further bolster Microsoft's offerings. Some of the first-party titles to be on the lookout for include Starfield and State of Decay 3, which Phil Spencer also talked about in his latest appearance.

While Phil may not necessarily feel his studios have built up a "steady flow" of game releases just yet, on the plus side, Microsoft was recently named by Metacritic as the best publisher of last year - with an overall score average of 87.4.

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