Far Cry 6 Free

Far Cry 6 has seen some pretty wild DLC packs since its launch last October; everything from sneak peeks into the psyche of past Far Cry villains, to Rambo mission packs. The latest in that line is a Stranger Things crossover, which arrives later this week.

The Stranger Things crossover mission will be free for all Far Cry 6 players, just like previous other-media crossovers. The aforementioned villainous packs are paid content though; available individually or as part of the game's season pass.

However, we are getting some more free Far Cry goodness. If you've not picked the game up yet, this coming weekend should be a good starting point. Ubisoft is hosting a free weekend for Far Cry 6, while also running a 50% off promotion on the base game, and 35% off the season pass.

The Stranger Things crossover mission launches Thursday, March 24th, and the free weekend runs March 24th through March 27th.

Will you be giving this Far Cry 6 trial a go? Or entering the upside down perhaps? Let us know in the comments.