Far Cry 6 Rambo DLC

Far Cry 6 dropped back in October and since then, Ubisoft has opted to add a mixture of free and paid content to the game. While the paid packs revolve around the series' various villains, the free stuff is delivering some fun crossovers.

The latest of which is a Rambo DLC, featuring the 'Vengeance Bow', the kind of thing Rambo himself was famous for brutally murdering people with. Anyway, you can do that in-game now too, as part of the 'Rambo All The Blood' mission.

Sadly, you don't actually get to play as Rambo himself, and he's not modelled in-game like he is in say, Mortal Kombat 11, for instance. Oh well, we'll have to shriek like Stallone to create the full experience. Yeah, that won't annoy the neighbours...

Next up on the Far Cry 6 crossover list is Stranger Things, which is due out sometime in March. Do you think Demogorgons can use a crossbow too? We're eager to find out.

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