Crusader Kings 3 Console

It's another Game Pass day on this fine Tuesday morning of March 29th! Today, just one game arrives in the library, but it's quite a big one in the form of Crusader Kings 3, making its console debut.

After a year and a half on PC, this one finally makes its way to Xbox Series X and S (there's no Xbox One version as far as we know). It sounds like quite a lot of work had to go into translating the game to console, and it's finally here!

Keep in mind that if you want the play the game on Xbox One (or a mobile device), the game is cloud-enabled with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as well.

Here's a quick rundown from the developer on what to expect from Crusader Kings 3 on console:

Choose your noble house and lead your dynasty to greatness in a Middle Ages epic that spans generations. War is but one of many tools to establish your reign, as real strategy requires expert diplomatic skill, mastery of your realm, and true cunning. Crusader Kings III continues the popular series made by Paradox Development Studio, featuring the widely acclaimed marriage of immersive grand strategy and deep, dramatic medieval roleplaying.

Will you be checking this one out on Xbox Game Pass? Let us know in the comments.