Phil Spencer Xbox Game Pass
Image: FakesForge on Twitter

Phil Spencer is often lauded as the man who turned things around at Xbox, following the Xbox One launch. However, he's also known as a 'good guy' in the industry, someone who's relatable and speaks for gamers. In a recent discussion with Axios journalist Stephen Totilo, Spencer touched on his positive reputation.

Totilo asked Spencer about his rep among gamers. Totilo said that, to some, he seems too complimentary of the competition, too generous with services like Xbox Game Pass. Spencer joked: "You're looking for the evil Phil".

On the surface, no such thing as 'the evil Phil' exists, at least to us. However, Spencer did go on to say that competitors might not always agree with how he runs Xbox.

"I have a vision about the role that video games can play. But I am in charge of running a business inside of a publicly traded company [...] I think people who point out it's just a suit or somebody who's running a business, I'm absolutely running a responsibility, the teams, is I'm going to continue to run a good business so this company continues to support us I think that's a primary responsibility."

It seems that Spencer has a vision for the future of Xbox that isn't quite as antagonistic against the competition as gaming platform holders have been in the past. For us, that's a good way to go.

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