Xbox More Concerned About 'Other Tech Competitors' Than Nintendo Or PlayStation
Image: Microsoft

While there's a lot of focus on how certain video game companies like PlayStation will respond to Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard (valued at close to $70 billion), it seems Xbox might be focused on much bigger threats.

According to The Washington Post, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer is supposedly concerned about "other big tech competitors" (e.g. Google, Amazon, Netflix and Meta) entering the games industry and causing harm, unlike Xbox's experienced competitors - Nintendo and Sony, who take great care, because "that's the business they're in".

As a result of this looming threat, Xbox is seemingly wanting to build up a portfolio to ensure it can distinguish itself within the global gaming space, and use "gaming" to compete against other leaders within the tech industry - potentially even fending these other tech giants off from buying up the entire industry.

Phil goes on to mention how he already has plenty of faith in Nintendo, Sony, and other long-running game companies like Valve, and knows they all have the game industry's best interests at heart.

“They have a long history in video games... Nintendo’s not going to do anything that damages gaming in the long run because that’s the business they’re in. Sony is the same and I trust them. … Valve’s the same way. When we look at the other big tech competitors for Microsoft: Google has search and Chrome, Amazon has shopping, Facebook has social, all these large-scale consumer businesses. … The discussion we’ve had internally, where those things are important to those other tech companies for how many consumers they reach, gaming can be that for us.

“I think we do have a unique point of view, which is not about how everything has to run on a single device or platform. That’s been the real turning point for us looking at gaming as a consumer opportunity that could have similar impact on Microsoft that some of those other scale consumer businesses do for other big tech competitors. And it’s been great to see the support we’ve had from the company and the board.”

Phil sort of illustrated how Nintendo and Sony are on the same side as Xbox (within the gaming eco-system), in a recent tweet about how Microsoft would honor all existing Activision Blizzard agreements with Sony, and how Xbox had a "desire" to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation. Well, that's if you don't read into it too much, but only time will tell...

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