Xbox Fan Details Their Experience Playing Game Pass With Phil Spencer

It's well known that Xbox boss Phil Spencer sometimes likes to play multiplayer games online with fans, and Reddit user OmnicientWolfGaming recently detailed their experience playing Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction with the Microsoft Gaming CEO on Xbox Game Pass.

In his post, the Redditer explained that he joined Spencer "after noticing his squad was open", and was invited to a party chat by the head of Xbox "where we spoke about a little bit of everything including callouts for the game itself."

OmnicientWolfGaming ended up playing with Spencer for around an hour, with the latter reportedly joining via Xbox Cloud Gaming, and the Redditer admitted that it was a challenge trying to calm his nerves during the chat:

"I tried to keep my cool, which I think I did for the most part, but it's not everyday you play with the CEO of Microsoft Gaming... he asked me a few questions and in general, his easy going style of conversation just made me less nervous to be part of the gang, albeit for an hour."

"I was being super Canadian and reiterated a couple of times how appreciative I was of getting those games in and Phil was super humble about it all. Made my night for sure!"

So there you go! Another story of Phil Spencer playing games with fans — although on this occasion, the game wasn't Destiny! It's always great to see Phil interacting with players this way, especially during such a busy time for Xbox.

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