Lord Of The Rings Gaming Rights
Image: EA

There seems to be a lot of gaming stuff up for sale right now doesn't there? And it's not all developers and publishers either. Variety has revealed that the film and gaming rights for Lord of the Rings are now up for grabs.

The projected value of the rights is at least $2 billion, which is understandable, given the value of the Lord of the Rings brand.

Naturally, we're interested in where the gaming rights end up. Amazon is currently making a Lord of the Rings TV show, so it'd be silly to count them out. After all, they're making a huge push into gaming with Lost Ark and New World, so the gaming rights would surely be of interest too.

New World Xbox Release.large

However, should we count Xbox out? Sure, Microsoft hasn't really gone out and bought purely IP, but they've certainly opened their wallets in recent years. $2 billion looks like pocket change next to the company's purchase of Activision Blizzard.

Who do you think will end buy buying these Lord of the Rings rights? Let us know below.

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