You might well have heard about the popular new MMO Action RPG Lost Ark, which is heading to Steam this week on PC as a free-to-play title. Early access has begun for certain players, and it's got an "Overwhelmingly Positive" rating on Steam ā€” in fact, it's already one of Steam's biggest ever games even prior to the full launch.

So, is Lost Ark getting a release on Xbox? Well, we've got a definitive answer on this for now courtesy of the official Lost Ark website, which states that "Lost Ark is only available on PC", with no mention of any other platforms.

No sign of Xbox in the near future, then, but does that mean it'll never come to Xbox? Who knows. Amazon is publishing the game, just like it did with last year's New World, and it was mentioned back in September 2021 that New World would remain on PC only "for the foreseeable future" ā€” giving us a slither of hope of an Xbox version eventually.

Plus, Smilegate is developing Lost Ark, and the company has recently been busy creating a version of Crossfire for Xbox called CrossfireX, so the potential for an Xbox version is there, but it still sounds pretty unlikely at this point.

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