It might have skipped over your radar, but the new space-combat shooter Chorus is out today on Xbox, and the reviews have also been dropping throughout the afternoon. This was famously one of the first games unveiled for the Xbox Series X last year (before we even knew the Series S existed), but it isn't actually an Xbox exclusive.

So, what are critics saying about the game so far? Here are some of the reviews we've found:

ScreenRant (4.5/5)

"Overall, Chorus is fantastic. Its minute by minute gameplay is truly enthralling, whether a small-scale dogfight or a battle against a larger foe, while its varied and colorful world is gorgeous to behold. With its story and wider lore providing plenty of scope for the player to explore, Chorus is an ambitious and spectacular space shooter."

Player2 (B+)

"Chorus has frankly come out of nowhere to become perhaps my surprise of the year. Sure there are some problems, most likely related to budget, but the positives easily negate any negative feeling these issues may generate. The story is wonderful sci/fi pulp that draws you in, the character relationships are fun to explore and the combat is the best I have ever experienced in the genre."

NME (4/5)

"Its mix of mechanics and magic, of sci-fi and fantasy – and even notes of horror – aren’t entirely unique, but they are arranged in a way that will feel innovative and fresh to many. Factor in thrilling space combat and its otherworldly beauty, and Chorus is a game that is sure to take players by surprise."

COG Connected (72/100)

"More arcade shooter than sim, Chorus fits into the long tradition of space dogfight games. Its combat can be furious and fun, but some missions suffer from repetition, some mechanical weirdness and poor pacing. Chorus takes itself and its story too seriously for its own good. In place of plain, old fashioned joy at blowing up stuff in space, we get angsty, mystical mumbo jumbo and a spacecraft with a guilt complex."

GamesRadar (3.5/5)

"If it all feels a little B-movie, it's worth remembering that Chorus isn't some huge AAA project (and has a moderate price of entry to match). Some of the bigger frustrations aside, the absence of a little polish and sophistication is forgivable, especially since the core action is as exhilarating as I could have hoped."

Eurogamer (No Score)

"Chorus' story isn't the worst thing I've seen in a video game, of course - it's far from that. But the frequency at which it interrupts your playtime with largely forgettable filler makes playing it slightly annoying - all the more so when, beyond the lifeless narrative and long stretches of traversal, Chorus' combat offers more than enough to hook you on its own."

It sounds like Chorus is a fun time, then, but perhaps suffers in a few areas such as repetition and a lack of AAA-style polish. Nevertheless, it's getting plenty of positive reviews — it'll likely settle at the 70-80 mark on Metacritic.

Are you picking up Chorus for Xbox this week? Let us know down in the comments below.