PSA: Control And The Medium Both Leave Xbox Game Pass Next Week

Last week, Xbox dropped its first February update for Xbox Game Pass. There's some good stuff coming this month, but sadly, a few heavy hitters are also leaving the library. They include Remedy's Control, along with next-gen exclusive horror title, The Medium.

So, this serves as a reminder for anyone who thinks they can crank one, or maybe even both of these out in a week! It'll be tough going, but both games are around the 10-hour mark for story completion.

Control is fantastic, and absolutely worth a playthrough on Game Pass. It takes more of the mysterious and at times, creepy aspects of Alan Wake, mixing those with the action-focused combat found in Quantum Break. It's then set in a mazy FBI complex and, like Remedy's past work, the whole thing draws comparison to the Twin Peaks TV show.

As for The Medium, it's more of a mixed bag as far as we're concerned. Its narrative is engaging and the dual reality presentation is certainly unique, but there are some stumbling blocks along the way. If you're into horror and want to put your next-gen machine through its paces though, it's worth a look.

Either way, both of these titles leave Xbox Game Pass on February 15th, a week today. So, if you intend to play one before they both leave, it's time to get a move on!

Which of these are you looking at trying before they both leave Game Pass? Let us know below.