We've got a date! Rockstar Games has confirmed today that GTA 5 will be heading to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on March 15th, 2022, packed with visual and performance upgrades including 4K and "up to" 60fps.

Rockstar says there will be "new graphics modes" allowing for 4K and up to 60 frames per-second, as well as texture and draw distance upgrades, HDR options, ray-tracing, faster loading times and much more.

Meanwhile, GTA Online will also benefit from a new tutorial and a new Career Builder feature, with the latter allowing you to choose from one of four businesses and "a sizable GTA$ windfall" to help you get started. The online portion of GTA V will be getting a standalone release for next-gen platforms, free to PlayStation 5 users for three months, after which time we're hoping it may be made free on Xbox Series X and S as well.

Progress in GTA V and GTA Online will transfer over from Xbox One to Xbox Series X|S with a one-time migration at launch, but it sounds like the main game itself won't be a free upgrade — although this hasn't been confirmed as of yet.

With the GTAV community stronger than ever, Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online will come to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S platforms this coming March 15, bringing the blockbuster open-world experience to players on the latest hardware. We sincerely appreciate the entire community’s support over the years as the game now heads into an unprecedented third console generation.

It's also been confirmed that Rockstar Games is actively developing GTA 6, stating that "we look forward to sharing more as soon as we are ready", with the goal to "significantly move beyond what we have previously delivered."

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