Elden Ring Analysis Video Compares Xbox Vs PS5 Performance

Update: Digital Foundry has weighed in with a brief written preview, and the results there are slightly different. PS5 does still have an advantage, but it seems closer and due to VRR on Xbox, that gap is further shortened.

"Even running on the launch day patch 1.02, the frame-rate mode continues to run at a range of 45-60fps on PS5 and Series X, while the quality modes on each range between 30-60fps."

"In comparison, PS5 is typically operating at a higher frame-rate than Series X, though clearly neither is ideal. The bottom line is neither console offers a consistent 60fps in the final release."

"Xbox Series X is greatly improved by its system-level support for variable refresh rate (VRR) if you have a supporting display."

Original story: Elden Ring is almost here, and ahead of time, plenty of media outlets are going hands on. We've seen the glowing early reviews, and now a comparison video has cropped up showing every console version of Elden Ring. There are some interesting results here and it's safe to say, it's a bit of a mixed bag on Xbox.

We'll start by saying that this comparison is mostly focused on frame rate. There aren't any solid resolution numbers here, but the video looks at all performance modes across all consoles. That includes both generations of Xbox and PlayStation systems.

On Xbox, both next gen systems have two modes, quality and performance. Oddly, the Xbox Series S performance mode actually fares better than Series X, hitting around 50fps on average. In comparison, Series X averages out in the mid-40s in its performance mode. Both quality modes hover just above 30fps.

While it's nice to see the Series S hit a decent frame rate after a run of disappointing ports, the Series X version is a bit odd. As the video shows, PS5 climbs much closer to 60fps in its performance mode, and we hope the Series X version is looked at post-launch. In the meantime, VRR should help smooth things out on Series X, with a compatible display.

Does this change your mind on which version to pick up? Let us know in the comments.

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