Digital Foundry's CrossfireX Breakdown Shows Xbox One X Ahead Of Series S

CrossfireX launched earlier this month, and it's safe to say first impressions weren't exactly glowing. It's a competent shooter, at least in its campaign mode, but it feels a decade old. As for the tech side of things, Digital Foundry has delivered its verdict, and there's some interesting results here.

As you'd expect, Xbox Series X pulls away with solid performance all round. Both its ray-tracing and performance modes come in at 1440p resolution, with the latter option hitting 60fps. Both modes deliver their targets almost perfectly on the high-end console.

When dropping down to Series S, and indeed One X, there are striking similarities. Both of these systems go for 1080p internal resolution, aiming for 60fps. However, the One X performs better in most scenes, with DF marking that gap as around a 5fps boost for the last-gen machine. Neither of these versions offer a ray-tracing mode.

Finally, as expected, Xbox One S comes in last with a meagre 720p, 30fps presentation. It looks really blurry in motion, but that is expected, given the age of the One S and its power deficit.

Which version of Crossfire X have you tried? Has performance held up? Let us know your thoughts.