CrossfireX: How To Install Campaign On Xbox Game Pass

Smilegate's shooter, Crossfire, has finally made it to console in the form of CrossfireX. For the Xbox release, the developer drafted in Remedy Entertainment to create a pair of campaign operations for the game. The install process is a bit finnicky though, so here's how to get it all downloaded and ready to go.

Installing the CrossfireX free-to-play multiplayer

First up, you'll need the free multiplayer portion of CrossfireX. It's only about 7GB, but it's essential to get this installed before adding the campaigns to the package. Head to the game's store page, and you'll find CrossfireX ready to install across Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

How to install each CrossfireX campaign

Once multiplayer is installed and ready to go, you'll have to head the game's main menu. If you own the Ultimate Package, or either campaign operation, they're both installable from here. At the bottom right of the main menu screen, you should see all of the CrossfireX modes. Select either Operation Catalyst (included with Game Pass) or Operation Spectre, and they'll both be added to the initial 7GB multiplayer file.

CrossfireX game pass

Note: As of writing, the Xbox Game Pass release of Operation Catalyst isn't working properly. The above method works if you purchase CrossfireX, but the developer is working on making Operation Catalyst available for Game Pass players.

How big is the CrossfireX install?

Each of the two campaigns significantly bump up the size of CrossfireX. Where the multiplayer only takes up 7GB of space, adding Operation Catalyst increases that size to 28.8GB. If you then add the other campaign, Operation Spectre, the overall size is 54GB.

This file size is based on the Xbox Series X version of CrossfireX, although we'd expect the Xbox One and Xbox Series S versions to be broadly similar.

Will CrossfireX Operation Spectre come to Xbox Game Pass?

While Operation Catalyst is included in an Xbox Game Pass subscription, you'll have to pay extra for Operation Spectre. There are a few options for doing that; either picking up the Ultimate Package, or just purchasing the separate Spectre campaign.

For now, Smilegate hasn't revealed any plans for Operation Spectre to come to Xbox Game Pass.

Have you run into any issues installing CrossfireX on Xbox? Let us know your experience so far.

How Are You Finding CrossfireX On Xbox?

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