CrossfireX Continues To Suffer Outage Issues On Xbox Game Pass

CrossfireX launched on Xbox this past Thursday, with one of two campaigns expected to be included with Xbox Game Pass, but due to some technical issues that still isn't the case as of early Sunday morning, with no sign of a fix just yet.

If you haven't been keeping track, it was reported back on Thursday that the teams at Xbox and Smilegate were "working to resolve the issue as soon as possible", with no further update having been provided at the time of writing:

It's an unfortunate bump in the road for an already bumpy launch in CrossfireX, which admittedly hasn't got off to the best start in regards to multiplayer impressions — but having played the "Operation Catalyst" campaign ourselves, we think it'll get a better reception from players looking for a CoD-style campaign reminiscent of the Xbox 360 days.

If you want to keep up to date with CrossfireX's Xbox Game Pass fix, the Xbox Status website is the place to be — it's still showing an "incorrect pricing" issue for the game right now, so hopefully they can find a way to solve it soon.

Have you managed to access CrossfireX's campaign with Game Pass yet? Let us know in the comments.