Cortana as seen in the live-action Halo
Image: Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus has now given Halo fans a proper look at the upcoming live-action series premiering on March 24th.

It's been previously noted by Halo's Transmedia boss Kiki Wolfkill how the live-action series won't be 'core-canon'. It's being referred to as "Halo Silver" - meaning it exists in its own timeline and will not impact other Halo media, like the games or books. And it's being done to "protect" the series.

Despite this, it seems not everyone is happy with the look of Cortana (played by Jen Taylor, the video game voice of Cortana) in this particular timeline - with many calling for a version of her that's blue, or at least "bluer" than she is now. An alternative colour request is purple - a throwback to Cortana's younger years.

Some fans have even gone to the extent of applying their own fixes. Here's one that's gained traction across the Halo and Xbox subreddits:

This doesn't appear to be an isolated case, either. YouTube channel Alanah Pearce called for similar adjustments to the character:

"My immediate reaction is that I hate that...if you're gonna do a digitally altered face just make it completely blue...I could be overeacting, but that is my gut reaction - I don't love this."

And others on social media agree - while some don't, suggesting Cortana is already blue enough in the trailer:

What do you think of this live-action "non-canon" version of Cortana? Give us your own thoughts down below.