Next year sees the release of the Paramount+ digital series, Halo - featuring a live-action version of Master Chief.

It's raised some concerns about how this show might impact the games and books, and how it might fit into the entire series as it exists today. Halo's Transmedia boss Kiki Wolfkill explained this during the final Halo community live stream of 2021.

It's been codenamed "Halo silver" and it's not "core-canon" — meaning it exists in its own timeline and won't impact other Halo media, like the games or books. This has been done to "protect" the series, and also allow the digital streaming series to breath a little.

"Halo's live-action series is part of a timeline called 'Halo silver' and while it draws from canon material, it's not part of the 'core-canon' experience.

It's no secret that not all of the elements are strictly core-canon...our goal was really to deliver on that magic of seeing Halo in live-action...and being true to sort of the core beliefs of what Halo is... but at the same time we had a different story to tell and we're in a different medium.

It wasn't a goal to just take the game and tell the story of the game and have someone watch it instead of play it...we really wanted to create a differentiated story you have game experience, you have your book experience and then you have the television series.

We're character-driven, we're drama and we bring an ensemble does require looking at some of the story differently...we are deeply rooted in canon but we do have some context and perspective that is different from some of the stories that we've experienced or read about in the games.

We're referring to this as the Halo silver timeline - as a way of differentiating it from core-canon, and both protecting core-canon and protecting the television story... and by that I mean giving ourselves the chance to evolve both for their mediums, without colliding with each other."

So, if you were concerned at all about how this might alter the Halo universe moving forward — it likely won't, because again, it's completely separate from the books and the games, but at the same draws on all the familiar lore fans know and love.

How do you feel hearing this? Relieved? Will you be watching on release when it begins streaming in 2022? Leave a comment down below.