Xbox Store Hints At Potential Leave Dates For Various Game Pass Titles

We've stumbled upon an interesting little discovery from a Twitter user, who has pointed out that the Microsoft Store on PC appears to be suggesting the potential removal dates for various current Xbox Game Pass titles.

By heading to the Microsoft Store app on Windows 10 and then searching for your game of choice, you'll see in many cases that the game is discounted by 20% up until a certain date — and that date could potentially be when the game will be removed from Xbox Game Pass. However, this should not be taken as confirmation.

There are far too many games on Xbox Game Pass for us to list them all, but here are some of the biggest:

Game Potential Leave Date
A Plague Tale: Innocence 1st February, 2022
Back 4 Blood 16th October, 2022
Control 1st February, 2022
Dark Alliance 1st July, 2022
Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age 1st January, 2023
Gang Beasts 1st April, 2022
Hades 16th August, 2022
Injustice 2 1st January, 2023
Just Cause 4 16th May, 2022
Maneater 1st June, 2022
Middle-earth: Shadow of War 15th February, 2022
Mortal Kombat 11 16th December, 2022
Outriders 1st April, 2022
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard 1st September, 2022
Scarlet Nexus 1st January, 2023
Stardew Valley 1st December, 2022
Subnautica: Below Zero 1st October, 2022
The Medium 1st February, 2022
Yakuza: Like a Dragon 16th June, 2022

As mentioned previously, the dates above should not be taken as confirmation, as the Microsoft Store is known for changing dates around constantly — just because a game says its sale is ending on February 1st, it doesn't necessarily mean it's actually going to leave Game Pass on that day. In other words, don't go panic buying just yet.

Some of these definitely do add up, though. Hades, for example, was added to Xbox Game Pass in August 2021, so it would make sense if it leaves in August 2022. The same goes for Outriders, which joined the service in April of 2021, and will likely depart around April 2022. Some of the other dates seem a little less likely, but possible.

It'll be interesting to see if the likes of Control and The Medium are announced for removal in early February, but for the time being, don't read into this too much. If you want to check a specific game for yourself, search for the "Microsoft Store" on Windows 10, type in the name of the title, and if it's on sale for 20% off, look for the end date.

Do you think these dates sound possible? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.