Xbox Series S xScreen Shipping February 2022
Image: UPspec Gaming

We gotta admit, the xScreen attachment for Xbox Series S looks a great bit of kit. Sure, you still need a power outlet to plug and play so it's not a 100% portable system, but the idea of having the screen right there, attached to the box is oddly appealing.

Well, if it's appealing to you too then, good news. The screen attachment starts shipping in "late Feb 2022", and pre-orders have been open for some time. Oh, and manufacturer UPspec Gaming has dropped a launch trailer to give us the latest look at its Series S screen attachment.

It's looking mighty sleek indeed, and honestly, we really want to try one and see how this thing works. If the xScreen is news to you, then here's a few of its key details, straight from UPspec Gaming:

  • 11.6" IPS screen
  • 1080p 60hz resolution
  • Integrated stereo speakers
  • Built-in controls for screen settings and volume
  • Cable-free attachment solution - only original Xbox power cable required
  • Optional cross-hair overlay for use in FPS games
  • HDMI-CEC Xbox power off function on screen close to prevent overheating
  • Ability to swap colored latches (optional accessory)
  • Optional "stand-mode" orientation using stand feet (optional accessory)
  • Custom carry case enables transport of everything you need in the smallest possible form factor (optional accessory)

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Where would you use the Xbox Series S xScreen? Let us know below.