Talking Point: Is Forced Cross-Play On Xbox Becoming A Huge Issue?

Cross-play was supposed to usher in a friendlier, more collaborative era of online gaming. PlayStation and Xbox players could finally unite regardless of console, and PC players could get in on the act too. However, it's not really played out that way so far, especially when the PC community is factored in.

Reddit, community forums and all forms have social media have been flooded with fan concerns for a number of months. Why is cross-play often forced? Why should we be teamed up with cheaters on PC? Where's the benefit to console players?

It's gotten so bad that the likes of The Verge have decided to tackle the subject head on. The issue seems worse on Xbox, as Microsoft is getting into the habit of forcing cross-play where it's an option on PlayStation in the likes of Call of Duty: Warzone. Here are just a few community comments, from players who've noticed problems grow.

In response to The Verge's article, Reddit user diflord said:

"The main problem isn't inputs, it RAMPANT cheating on PC that nobody seems to have the ability to stop. But yes, FOV, frames and other such things are also a big deal. All these problems are pretty much solved if you allow console players to opt-out of playing with PC."

In a different Reddit thread discussing Halo Infinite cheating, user Gabagoo44 made this point:

"Considering how cheating ruined Warzone this is a bad sign for the life cycle of this game [Halo Infinite]."

Skill-based matchmaking is also a bit of a sore spot with online shooters these days. Reddit user PriorityMassive7411 explains how both SBMM and cross-play are harming their experiences:

"For me it’s like I go against a whole team of pc players with my team of Xbox and get my lunch money stolen but on the other hand I fight Xbox player on the opposing side I’m just fine against them and it feels fair."

We've noticed these issues too, particularly in Warzone before Activision introduced Ricochet, its kernel-level anti-cheat system. With 343 Industries already working on a fix for cheaters in Halo Infinite, the problem doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon.

With all that being said, how do you feel about Xbox's current cross-play options?

How Do You Feel About Cross-Play On Xbox?