Samsung TV 'Gaming Hub' To Launch In 2022, But No Sign Of Xbox Cloud Support Yet

As part of CES 2022, Samsung has announced that some of its 2022 Smart TVs will be introducing a new 'Gaming Hub' feature, allowing direct access to multiple cloud gaming services with support for Xbox and PlayStation controllers.

So far, NVIDIA GeForce Now, Google Stadia and Utomik's cloud gaming service have been announced as being supported at launch, and the company says more will follow in the future. Interestingly, Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming aren't part of the launch lineup, despite Samsung's close ties with Xbox in recent years.

There are various other gaming features being implemented into the hub for these "select" 2022 TVs as well, including a new version of the 'Game Bar', YouTube Gaming integration, and even NFTs.

We're still waiting on more details about a release date for the Samsung Gaming Hub along with the exact TV models it'll be available on — and hopefully we'll get clarification about Xbox Cloud Gaming in the near future as well. Of course, the Xbox bit won't really matter to those of us who own a console already, but for casual consumers and anyone who is eager to try Game Pass without access to a console, it certainly would prove a welcome addition.

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