Reaction: Sony Continuing PS4 Production Shows The Xbox Series S Was A Great Move
Image: Xbox

The Xbox Series S has been somewhat controversial since its reveal and release in 2020. A lower-spec next-gen console was seen by some as a way of holding the generation back, essentially limiting what could be extracted from Xbox Series X and PS5. A global chip shortage shows it was the right move after all.

Earlier today, January 12th, Bloomberg reported that Sony is set to continue PS4 console production through 2022. The report claims that the main reasons for this, are PS5 supply shortages, and to offer fans a lower-cost option.

Production was reportedly set to discontinue at the end of 2021, before these plans changed. The move is understandable though, given how tough is still is to find PS5 and indeed, Xbox Series X systems.

That got us thinking of the Xbox Series S, and how now, it seems like a bit of a master stroke. It's helped contribute to record console sales for Xbox, while also providing a lower-cost option for fans. Oh, and it's been in stock pretty consistently since 2020's launch.

The system certainly hasn't held the start of the generation back either. Sure, its backwards compatibility solution isn't perfect, but most things next-gen focused have turned out pretty well. The most "next-gen" thing we've seen so far, The Matrix Awakens demo, looks and runs superbly on the budget system.

The Matrix Awakens

That's not to mention some superb ports that have arrived for Series S so far. Gears 5 runs smooth as butter on there, up to 120fps in multiplayer. Similar praise goes for the likes of Forza Horizon 5, with the system's high-spec CPU providing a solid 60fps mode, even in an open world title.

Look, we ain't here to slate Sony's approach. We fully understand why PS4 production looks set to continue, we are still in the middle of a pandemic. Microsoft's next-gen strategy is commendable though, with the Xbox Series S turning out to be an inspired machine for next-gen gaming and a great way to get more people into the Xbox ecosystem.

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