Since Call of Duty: Warzone magically warped back in time to World War 2, players have encountered numerous issues with the new Caldera map. Performance has been shaky, there's still no FOV slider, and the experience varies wildly from platform to platform.

The good news, is that developer Raven Software is aware of various issues on Xbox and PlayStation. The Warzone dev tweeted out that today's mid-season patch will address "initial fixes" regarding performance on console.

The key here though, is initial. We don't know about you guys, but our experience with Caldera on Xbox Series S in particular, hasn't been great since the map launched. Texture pop in is wild, and it's genuinely hard to spot enemies at medium to long ranges. Here, take a look.

12 01 2022 10 55 52 Zxs0p33s
12 01 2022 10 56 06 Sadnem0v

Here's hoping that Raven Software takes a proper look at the Series S version in the coming weeks, and maybe even adds that much-requested FOV slider to the console ports.

What's your experience with Warzone Pacific so far? Let us know below.

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