Bungie Appears To Be Hiring For Its Unannounced Project
Image: Bungie

Last year, you might recall how the Destiny and former Halo developer Bungie was teasing something, that appeared to be tied to an unannounced project.

While it seems nobody really knows exactly what is going on behind the scenes at Bungie, it's still recruiting for this new project, with a former Guild Wars 2 team member signing on as senior narrative lead.

While it could still potentially be something to do with Destiny, there's no mention of it — so it might just be the same unannounced project that's been making headlines over the past year.

In February last year, Bungie announced it was planning to launch a new IP by 2025 alongside a studio expansion. Listings on Bungie's career website have also suggested the next game will be a live service with in-game monetisation.

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