BioWare: Mass Effect Legendary Edition Shows The Value Of 'Striving For Excellence'

In case you've been living under a rock, Mass Effect Legendary Edition was officially added to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate via EA Play yesterday, and BioWare has been speaking a bit about the game's success in 2021.

In a recent update, BioWare Studio General Manager Gary McKay highlighted that the game has received "insanely positive" feedback from both players and critics alike, and it "shows the value of striving for excellence and quality":

"Even with the challenges of the pandemic, we saw some earlier success with the incredible reception to the launch of Mass Effect Legendary Edition in May. From the press to our fans, the feedback has been insanely positive.

We’re so proud to have released one of the highest-rated games on console, and the reception really underscores the value of striving for excellence and quality in every element of a game."

McKay also mentioned in the blog post that the company wants "each game to earn the kind of reaction we’ve seen with Mass Effect Legendary Edition," and he feels they have the right people, focus and support from EA to achieve this.

Undoubtedly, Mass Effect Legendary Edition has proved a massive hit for BioWare and EA, sitting fifth on Metacritic for the top Xbox games of 2021 (with a 90 rating), also being voted eighth in our Pure Xbox Game of the Year awards.

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