Xbox Employee Recalls The 'Sheer Hate & Vitriol' The Community Team Received In 2013

We're sure we don't need to bore you with the history behind the launch of the Xbox One in 2013, but if you're not up to speed — it's safe to say it didn't go well. Xbox spent the rest of the generation attempting to recover from that botch.

If you want the full details, the Power On: The Story of Xbox documentary is a great place to start.

People were not happy with Xbox that year, and this has been echoed by Xbox Services and Operations Senior Program Manager Emily Hanson, who shared some comments on Twitter about her time working in the Community Team:

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has talked on numerous occasions about the Xbox One launch, stating earlier this year in an interview with IGN that the team at Xbox "got a real cold dose of reality in terms of focusing not on what the customers wanted, but maybe what we thought we needed."

Spencer wasn't the head of Xbox at the time of the launch though — that credit goes to Don Mattrick. He ended up leaving his post as a result of the negative reaction, and recently admitted that he wanted the opportunity to stay:

"I wish that I would have had an opportunity to stay, to execute on the vision and the capabilities that the team had created, but I ended up in the summertime announcing that I was going to be leaving."

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