Xbox Series X|S Has Now Sold Over 100,000 Units In Japan
Image: Microsoft

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S appear to slowly be making an impact in Japan - a territory that has largely avoided the brand. New sales data confirms the consoles have now reached over 100,000 units sold, pushing it close to overtaking the Xbox One's lifetime sales of around 115,000.

As shared by Famitsu, sales figures reveal the consoles managed to hit the milestone this week, with the Xbox Series X coming in with 64,284 units sold and the Xbox Series S trailing behind with 38,307. This puts the total number to 102,591.

This number, according to VGC, is something the Xbox One took four and a half years to achieve. This marks a huge improvement in sales and a strong position for Xbox in Japan going forward.

Going forward, Xbox has said it is working "every single day" to improve its selection of Japanese centred games. Titles such as Starfield will see a huge emphasis pumped into their translation, in the hopes of attracting a wider audience across the globe.

Back in June, one Xbox executive claimed that Japan was "Xbox's fastest-growing market worldwide", which isn't all too surprising with these recent sales figures. If the company can keep up this momentum, Xbox could finally make the huge splash it's dreamed of in the territory.

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