Various Xbox 360 Games Have Received An Unexpected Update
Image: Xbudz on Twitter

The saga continues! Following rumours and speculation about a new batch of backwards compatible titles being added on Xbox this Monday, November 15th, various older back compat games have suddenly received unexpected updates.

Lots of Xbox fans have been taking to social media to share this, as you can see below:

The boring (and possibly most likely) conclusion for this is that the Xbox team is simply performing generic emulation maintenance — there's no sign that these games are getting specific content updates or anything like that.

However, with rumours that the Xbox team might have a few more games to add to the backwards compatible library this coming Monday, we're certainly curious as to whether these updates are related to their impending arrival.

Just a couple of days left until we find out!

What's your theory about this? Anything to read into here? Give us your thoughts down below.