No, you didn't somehow miss a release date for Bright Memory: Infinite on console - the Xbox Series X|S exclusive has still yet to arrive on Microsoft's platforms (it's "coming soon"), but it did release earlier today for PC players on Steam.

As a result, the first reviews have also begun hitting the web for the PC version, and they're definitely an interesting read! With that in mind, here's what some of the critics are saying about the intense new FPS:

WellPlayed (8.5/10)

"Sometimes all you need is a good action romp, and much like John Wick, Bright Memory: Infinite is the perfect panacea for when you want to feel like an action hero without needing to invest yourself in a game’s narrative. Plus, it’s backed by some truly next-gen visuals that would rival big-budget AAA titles, and although it’s a touch on the short side, for A$30 you really couldn’t ask for more, especially considering it’s made by one person."

NoisyPixel (8/10)

"Bright Memory: Infinite is the product of a developer who wasn’t satisfied putting out a game that he knew he could improve. So, instead of moving on, we get this over-the-top and insanely beautiful FPS adventure that is fun from beginning to end. Absolutely none of it makes sense, but who cares when I just launched an ancient sword-wielding statue dude in the air and cut him into pieces. Sign me up for the next adventure with Shelia."

Game Informer (7/10)

"In many ways, Bright Memory: Infinite feels like an extended tech demo. The jaw-dropping action and stellar graphics would serve as a great selling point for any new platform and almost appear too good to be true. Developer FYQD Studio proved some killer concepts but didn’t evolve them across a more complete adventure. Short games aren’t inherently bad, but Bright Memory: Infinite leaves me wanting so much more and is full of unrealized potential."

Destructoid (6/10)

"Bright Memory Infinite gets in its own way, and occasionally takes the focus off of its strongest quality: the core mechanics. I wish that Infinite was just a full extension of the action-packed prologue and was a little more polished, as it would be easier to recommend. If you can deal with that headache, you might like it."

NME (3/5)

"On the surface, Bright Memory: Infinite is a phenomenal showcase from FYQD Studio of what can be achieved with Unreal and that indies can look just as terrific as their big budget counterparts. But in trying to throw so many ideas together into such a brief runtime, it feels more like a montage of cool gameplay moments rather than a great game as a whole."

GameSpot (6/10)

"It's a fun shooter for as long as it lasts, offering a satisfying mix of fast-paced gunplay and dynamic action. It's also hard not to be impressed that this came from the talents of a lone developer. Unfortunately, a dismal stealth section, unintelligible story, and some major technical issues hold it back, while its terseness does make it difficult to recommend, even at a low price point."

Bright Memory: Infinite is currently sitting on a fairly average Metacritic rating of 66 based on 19 reviews (for PC), but its Steam rating is "Very Positive" after almost 4000 reviews. We'll let you know when it gets an Xbox release date!

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