In a fairly emotional video for a game that involves you punching aliens in the face, 343 Industries has released a short film expanding on the Master Chief ahead of Halo Infinite.

The story revolves around how Master Chief's energy shield was founded, and the brave task numerous marines partook in to retrieve it. Set around the planet Harvest - one that fans familiar with Halo lore will know well - it recounts the tale of one soldier who risked his life to retrieve the technology Master Chief uses today.

Assigned to a freighter escaping the destruction of Harvest, two Marines confiscated alien energy shields while defending passengers from an enemy boarding assault. Their heroics led to a technological breakthrough that accelerated the development of the Master Chief's defense system.

Without spoiling its contents entirely, it's well worth a watch and another expansion of the Halo universe that fans will eat up.

Marketing for the game is ramping up ahead of its launch on December 8th. IGN has exclusive coverage coming up, starting yesterday with a look at a brand new map. We imagine we'll be seeing a lot more over the coming weeks.

We also got a new glimpse at Halo Infinite's campaign last week, which is looking mighty impressive with its open-world nature. With only a few short weeks to go, it's almost time to jump back into the fight.

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