We've already seen some impressive maps in Halo Infinite, and the newly unveiled Streets seems to be continuing that tradition.

Kickstarting a wide range of coverage from IGN (including an upcoming campaign preview), the smaller arena map is built for 4 vs. 4 play. Set within the streets of a city, the map is built for close-quarter combat, along with a few wider spaced areas to unleash some chaos. There's even a few Easter Eggs, such as an arcade cabinet playing Halo Infinite.

Standout modes are said to be Stronghold, which features three very distinct locations to capture, and Oddball, using the map's nooks and crannies for players to plan their escape route.

Overall, it seems to be embracing classic Halo with its verticality in map design, along with the aesthetics of more recent entries such as Halo 5: Guardians. We can't wait to see more over the coming weeks.

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