343 Industries Outline Halo Infinite's Battle Pass Plans
Image: 343 Industries

An extensive interview with 343 Industries has been released, going into details about Halo Infinite's Battle Pass and how it will play into the game.

Halo Infinite's head of design Jerry Hook and lead progression designer Chris Blohm recently sat down with IGN to discuss everything about the upcoming multiplayer Battle Pass, and how it will work instead of offering loot boxes.

The key points taken from the interview explain what users will gain from it and the benefits in place for using it in Halo Infinite. Here are the key points IGN picked out from the interview:

  • You can only have one battle pass active at a time, meaning your chosen battle pass is the one gaining experience you earn as you play.

  • You can switch which battle pass is active whenever you want.

  • The battle pass from the test flights is not representative of what we'll see in the final battle pass.

  • About every quarter of the battle pass will have a legendary cosmetic in it. Legendary-rated cosmetics will be character canon-related or a new type of customization object with special attributes or effects.

  • Event rewards are separate from the battle pass.

The first Battle Pass will be called Heroes of Reach, as previously confirmed, and will revolve around iconic characters and moments in Halo: Reach.

There's some pretty interesting information in the interview, such as why there won't be an emote dedicated to allowing your Spartan to start flossing in multiplayer, and how they feel the fanbase would reject it.

There are only a few more short weeks until Halo Infinite's launch on December 8, when you can finally jump into the multiplayer and pick up a Battle Pass!

Will you be racking through the Battle Pass levels in Halo Infinite? Let us know in the comments below.

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