Microsoft Acquires Two-Hat To 'Invest In The Safety Of Xbox Players'

Microsoft has announced today that it's acquired Two Hat, "a leader in content moderation solutions", which has been working with the company for a while now to "remove harmful content" from Xbox and beyond.

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer weighed in on the announcement earlier today with these thoughts:

Microsoft says the acquisition will "combine innovative technology, research capabilities, highly skilled teams and the most complete cloud infrastructure", as well as "further accelerate our first-party content moderation solutions across gaming". Here's what corporate vice president of Xbox services, Dave McCarthy, had to say earlier today:

"At Microsoft, we believe that gaming should be inclusive and welcoming for everyone. For the past few years, Microsoft and Two Hat have worked together to implement proactive moderation technology into gaming and non-gaming experiences to detect and remove harmful content before it ever reaches members of our communities."

"We understand the complex challenges organizations face today when striving to effectively moderate online communities. In our ever-changing digital world, there is an urgent need for moderation solutions that can manage online content in an effective and scalable way. With this acquisition, we will help global online communities to be safer and inclusive for everyone to participate, positively contribute and thrive."

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