Yesterday, Ubisoft announced Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Frontline, its take on the battle royale genre which attempts to go up against goliaths such as Call of Duty: Warzone and Fortnite. However, the initial reaction to the YouTube trailer seems to suggest this was not the Tom Clancy game fans were looking for.

Currently, the trailer is outweighed by 11,000 dislikes, compared to a measly 2,500 likes. It only takes a short browse through the comments to see fans of the series aren't enthralled by this new entry - something that was intended to celebrate 20 years of Tom Clancy games.

"Fans: whatever it is, it’s can’t be worse than Breakpoint!
Ubisoft: ..hold my beer"

"Wow, just when I thought you guys couldn’t kill the Ghost Recon franchise even more. We wanted a Wildlands 2 but instead here’s a battle royale. Well, the Ghost Recon franchise was fun while it lasted, this’ll probably be the nail in the coffin. RIP to what the franchise use to be."

"The series 20th anniversary, you couldn't have disappointed us any more than that even if you tried so hard."

"This is actually getting hilarious how much and how often they’re giving gamers what they don’t want."

"Ubisoft, is there a microtransaction I can pay for that will make you guys finally release an authentic, single player, military-espionage Tom Clancy game?"

These are just a small portion of the negative comments the game is receiving. The general consensus seems to be a fair amount of annoyance that the series is continuing to deviate from its stealth-based roots. One comment even noted how for a game that holds the Ghost Recon franchise in its name, there's not a single silenced weapon in sight.

Of course, once the full release comes around it has a strong chance of attracting an audience, especially considering the success of the battle royale genre at present. With that being said, it seems the loyal Tom Clancy fanbase is feeling alienated with this new take on the series and we're not sure how Ubisoft can win back their trust.

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