Ubisoft has today announced Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Frontline, which is a free-to-play "tactical-action, massive PvP" shooter set to release for Xbox at some point in the future, with a PC test going live this October.

The game will change you to "think strategically and stay one step ahead: work with your squad, deploy various field support abilities and adapt to every situation by switching between contractors from your roster." The main mode will be something called Expedition, and will feature 100+ players battling it out royale-style in teams of three.

Here's a bit of what Ubisoft has to say about the game so far:

"The game features an advanced class system and large set of tactical support tools, allowing for complete freedom in strategic gameplay, with multiple ways to outsmart enemy teams and win each match.

Build your roster of elite contractors from all around the globe. Explore Drakemoor Island, a massive and hostile open world that demands quick adaptation and teamwork to survive. Join forces with your friends through full cross-platform support and enjoy fun and collaborative competition across various game modes."

There's no word on a release date for Ghost Recon Frontline as of yet, but Ubisoft treated us to a short bit of gameplay footage earlier today (which you can watch below), and you can find more details about the game on its official website.

Interested in checking out Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Frontline when it launches? Let us know down below.