Arguably the biggest release of last week was Ubisoft's Far Cry 6, and as usual, Eurogamer's Digital Foundry has been intricately analysing all the different versions, with the Xbox Series X coming out on top in a key area.

Specifically, Digital Foundry says that Xbox Series X benefits from the highest resolution window on consoles, able to showcase the 1872p to full 2160p range, whereas the PS5 only renders in the 1728p to 1872p range. As a result, "the real-life implication of this is simply that you get a crisper image on the high-end Xbox console."

"The general blurriness in the presentation means that hammering down pixel counts for PS5 and Series X is challenging but PlayStation 5 renders in the 1728p to 1872p range, while the Microsoft flagship has a higher resolution window, seemingly in the 1872p to full 2160p range. The real-life implication of this is simply that you get a crisper image on the high-end Xbox console."

Aside from the resolution, the visuals are said to be very similar between the two consoles (with PS5 "very slightly" edging out Xbox Series X in terms of the geometry quality level), and all console versions are said to run at 60fps for the most part. However, Digital Foundry has acknowledged that there's "camera stutter" which affects the smoothness of the game when panning, and strangely this is only present on console rather than PC.

If you're wondering about Xbox Series S, the presentation is described as "not hugely attractive", spending most of its time in the 1080p-1224p range at 60fps. Xbox One was seemingly not tested, although early adopters of the game have advised it appears to run at a near-locked 30 frames per-second.

Ultimately, Far Cry 6 does seem to look and perform pretty well across the board, but Digital Foundry has advised that the game still needs more polish in order to reach its potential from a visual and performance standpoint.

"There's a lot to like in Far Cry 6 and perhaps the emphasis in this tech review has been on the areas that fall short, but ultimately it's difficult to avoid the sense that a few more layers of polish could have had made a big difference to this release."

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