Every Xbox One Controller Ever Made 23 1 Screenshot
Image: Xbox

Earlier this month, Microsoft revealed a new Xbox controller firmware update that would add some current-generation features to older Xbox gamepads.

In addition to this, Xbox senior product planner, James Shields, has now demonstrated a small but rather handy controller update that makes it easier to switch between console, PC and mobile devices. The good news is, it's also coming to "older" controllers. Here's a look:

If you feel like you may have already seen something like this, you're not alone. While you could already double-tap to swap back to Xbox, it'll now be this both ways - "simplifying" the process as Shields explains:

While it might not seem like much, it's certainly a welcome update for anyone who does swap between devices with their Xbox controllers on a regular basis. You can get the full rundown about this controller firmware update in our previous post.

Will you be making use of this updated feature? Tell us down below.

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